The world continues to work on automobile technology. There is a lot of competition between brands, especially about price. Although some brands lag behind in this regard, many brands aim to offer the best car to the user at the most affordable price. You can follow our CAR category to be aware of the cars developed worldwide.

Super car

In addition to developing automobile technologies in the world, there are also super cars that brands produce as a body show. In this context, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, BMW, Mercedes are among these categories.

What is a hybrid car

Hybrid car; It is produced with the aim of reducing gas consumption. In order to achieve this, in cases such as congested traffic, low speed, it uses the electric motor instead of the gasoline engine and thus provides 0 (zero) emission emission. The energy required for the operation of the electric motor is charged with the battery when the gasoline engine is running or during braking. For this reason, hybrid cars do not need to be charged by connecting to electricity.

Electric motors connected to the gearbox are usually engaged in the starting and first 2 gears, where the cars consume the most fuel. While the range they can offer alone is limited, this figure does not exceed the average 30-50 km threshold. Normal auto maintenance of hybrid cars can be done at the services. In addition, maintenance of electric motors cannot be done in private auto service and industrial sites. It is absolutely important to go to the authorized service and to choose the auto parts from the firm.

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