10 tactics that will lead you to victory in Fortnite

We've put together tactics that work for Fortnite and Fortnite Mobile players. Let those who want to achieve masterful victory without the excitement of the game gather.

Fortnite entered our computer first and then our phones with Fortnite Mobile . With its fun graphics and gameplay, it soon gained the love of all of us, but it is a rather difficult game for ordinary players. For example, it takes a long time to get used to controlling the structures in the game.

Let's explain 10 tactics that will help you achieve victory in Fortnite without waiting for you any longer. Note that you can also apply the tactics on the list on Fortnite Mobile :)

Fortnite tactics

  • Do not land in the main areas,

  • How can you improve yourself in creating walls?

  • Not a gun first, a resource first,

  • Find the best weapons

  • Position in high places,

  • Do not be involved in conflicts,

  • Use the shield potion now,

  • Memorize the location of treasure chests,

  • Practice like an e-athlete,

  • Use headphones.

Do not go down to the main areas:

If you have just started Fortnite, you can ask where are the main areas. In short, it is the loot regions where many players descend and spread over a large area. Since there are plenty of weapons and equipment here, they are the choice of almost all players. For example, Salty Springs on the map  will be one of the best examples. Such large loot areas are geared towards players who want more war or are good at the game. More precisely, these kinds of actors usually go down here. 

If you are new to the game or are still in conflict, you should try to go to quieter and more secluded places. So your survival will be longer and you will have played a more guaranteed game. This also has a disadvantage. There are fewer weapons or equipment in such secluded places . For this reason, you may have to travel through several small areas.

How do you improve yourself in building walls?

If you want to be a good player Fortnite't before everything a good mason need to be. If you do not know how to build walls or do not do it fast enough, especially during conflicts or when you are over, your end is over.

To be a good masonist, you can use the game's training mode . You can try to build thousands of types of walls with Fortnite training mode by collecting unlimited resources for a certain period of time. So you always start the conflicts 1 - 0 ahead. When you get a good player in tournaments or in the game, you understand how important the walls are. So keep on making walls.

Not a gun first, a source first

As we mentioned above, you need resources to build a wall first. The walls are made of wood, but can be reinforced with metal and stone. You must have enough resources to create the structure you want at every stage of the game. Some players collect weapons equipment and then try to collect resources. This is both very wrong and a huge waste of time. 

The most effective and correct way to collect resources is actually gathering while searching for weapons, that is, when looting . Many materials you see in homes and loot areas can be broken and collected as resources. For this reason, you must break the materials in the house while looking for a gun . However, if there is a player nearby or you need to be quiet, do not do this.

Find the best Fortnite weapons

Fortnite weapons also differ among themselves according to their strengths. The power of each weapon is different . For this reason, you need to be selective when collecting weapons. Usually players try to get every weapon they find. This is actually the right move for the beginning of the game. You need to get the first weapon you find as soon as you land . If a player lands nearby, his first job will be to find a gun and run to you.

When collecting weapons in Fortnite, you must be ready for two different situations; close conflict and distant conflict . Two different weapons must be available for two different situations. Some players may be bad in close combat, very good in remote combat. In such cases, you should choose which game style you use the most . In addition, with Fortnite V Papel, you can buy costumes for your weapons and show off other players.

Position high places

The most advantageous players in skirmishes are those who usually take positions in high places. Bullets go faster and more accurately from top to bottom. In order to shoot upwards, it is necessary to take a certain angle and position. For this reason, you can build a high building or go up to high hills before starting the conflict .

Taking positions in high places gives a great advantage especially for end-game conflicts . While on the ground, your opponent may have been hiding in a bush or behind a tree. You can easily identify such players by climbing a high hill or building a structure. Apart from that, you can also win the conflict in a victorious way by using the advantage of being high.

Do not be involved in conflicts

In fact, this tactic applies to beginners or players who are really bad at aiming . If you have just started the game or are really bad at aiming, stay away from conflicts. Let the two players fight with each other. Eventually one of the two will die and one of your opponents will be missing . You will be more likely to win.

Conflicts can be an advantage for you if you are good at aiming and know how to do tactics . While the two players clash with each other, they usually do not focus on other areas. So you can slowly and silently infiltrate a conflict and get a very comfortable score. You can even make two scores if you are good at engagement. For this reason, only those who are new to the game should apply this tactic.

Use the shield potion immediately:

Fortnite is a very fast game compared to other survival games. Everything can happen at any moment, or you can get out of a conflict by leaving the player where you never expected. For this reason, you should immediately drink the blue potions you find while looting. What is the harm of the shields already? If we put aside the joke, you can also make room in your bag by drinking blue potions immediately.

Blue potions provide up to 75% additional protection in addition to your current health . We can say that it is the most useful of Fortnite health equipment. Make sure you are at a safe point before using these potions . Because you are immobile for a certain time while using potions. The faster you consume potions, the faster your protection will be filled and you will be safe.

Memorize the location of treasure chests

Fortnite weapons can be in different places each match. For example; When you enter the same house in two different matches, if there is a gun in the first one, it may not be a gun in the second match or there may be different weapons. However, this is not the case for treasure chests. Treasure chests are always in the same place and they give really good equipment. Since their place is fixed, they will allow you to loot fast.

Although they usually have fixed locations, they can sometimes change places with updates to the game. Therefore, after an update, there may be treasure chests that you could not find in the same place. After updates, you need to check the location of the treasure chests again. They will be there until a new update arrives. You can jump to that area with peace of mind.

Practice like an e-sportsman

Of course, we are not saying you should play Fortnite dance. As with any game, you need to practice a lot to become a good player in Fortnite . If you want to put this work into professionalism and even want to make money from the game, you need to spend most of the day in practice. By practicing, you can both master the mechanics of the game and create faster structures.

Use headphones for better sounding:

Playing sound is really important when playing Fortnite and Fortnite Mobile. It allows you to hear enemies hiding, shooting from afar or running towards you . For example, while you are innocent looting an opponent may be in the next building. Normally, if you do not use headphones while playing from the phone or computer, you cannot hear this opponent or understand where it came from.

The headset allows you to fully understand the direction of your competitors and even the distance according to the headset quality . In this way, you can take positions according to your opponent or immediately see your opponents who shoot at you. For this, you do not need to buy such expensive headphones. Even the cheapest earbuds will be sufficient for beginner and intermediate gamers when it comes to sound sounding.

Once you have learned all the above Fortnite tactics, you can try yourself with the Fortnite Tracker . Fortnite Tracker allows you to keep track of your own statistics and compete in tournaments. With the extra rewards you earn , you can buy weapon costumes through the Fortnite item shop . One of the best ways to have a more pleasant look while playing and to try yourself.

We are at the end of our list of best Fortnite tactics. To get from a beginner to a good player level, you should definitely try the above tactics. Other than that, if there are different tactics you should know, don't forget to mention them in the comments.


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