2020 Apple iPad Pro's Disappointing AnTuTu Score

The Apple 2020 iPad Pro, announced by yesterday, entered AnTuTu tests. It turned out that the new iPad Pro, which received 712 thousand 218 points from AnTuTu, was not as fast as described.

US-based technology giant Apple announced both the 2020 model iPad Pro and the 2020 model MacBook Air in its statements yesterday . The company stated that the new generation iPad Pro offers better performance than most laptops and provides this performance with " A12Z Bionic ". Some details that have emerged now show that the 2020 iPad Pro is not that fast.

Apple, the performance test results relating to any statement made in the iPad Pro as of yesterday did not explain . Today, however, Apple's new tablet entered the AnTuTu tests, and the result was extremely surprising. Because the 2020 iPad Pro was not much faster than the 2019 iPad Pro . If you wish, let's immediately look at the AnTuTu result of the iPad Pro with A12Z Bionic processor;

2020 model iPad Pro received 712 thousand 218 points from AnTuTu

It may be exciting in the first place that Apple's new iPad Pro model gets 712 thousand 218 points from AnTuTu . However, when we compare this score with the 2019 model iPad Pro, we can say that the difference is not so impressive . Because Apple's iPad Pro model, which was released last year, received 705 thousand 585 points from AnTuTu. So the 2020 iPad Pro does not provide as much performance improvement as is claimed on paper.

AnTuTu comparison of the last two generations of iPad Pro models

When we take a closer look at Apple's 2019 and 2020 iPad Pro models, we can clearly see that the 2020 iPad Pro makes a difference to the 2019 iPad Pro in terms of graphics processing . However, when we look at processor performance and user experience, we can see that both models offer almost the same things.

AnTuTu also reveals an interesting situation on iPad Pro models. So much so that the 2019 model iPad Pro manages to get 95 thousand 118 points on RAM. However, when we look at the 2020 iPad Pro, we see that the RAM performance gets 75 thousand 998 points. In other words, Apple's new generation iPad Pro model lags behind iPad Pro, which was announced last year in memory, according to AnTuTu .

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