"2021 Model Samsung Phones Will Use AMD's Mobile GPUs"

Samsung's partnership with AMD last year seems to be about to bear fruit. Allegedly, AMD's mobile GPUs for Samsung are powering beyond expectations, and these mobile GPUs will accompany the Exynos 1000 processors.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has been the leader of the smartphone industry for a long time. While the company manages to attract the attention of consumers with its flagship, entry and mid-range smartphones, it also manages to steer the sector with its occasional works. The new claims reveal that Samsung's AMD collaboration announced last year will bear fruit soon.

Samsung last year with AMD, a joint press conference by performing a collaboration scope, and that they have entered into a collaboration announced they are working on mobile GPUs. In the official statements made at that time, it was stated that this cooperation would meet with consumers as final products in 2021 . According to the claims made now, the process is going better than expected.

According to reports in the South Korean press , the collaboration between Samsung and AMD is proceeding exactly as planned. Even the claims made reveal that for Samsung's 5 nm chips, AMD continues a special GPU optimization study. It is also said that the graphics performance of the devices that will use Samsung's common GPUs with AMD will be far beyond what is expected .

According to some sources, AMD's GPUs to be used on Samsung devices have passed the " GFXBench " tests. According to the leaked test results, these GPUs managed to get 181.8 frames in the "Manhattan 3.1" test. These GPUs also took the "Aztec Normal" and "Aztec High" tests and received 138.25 and 58 square results, respectively. These results AMD's latest mobile GPU, the Qualcomm that 3 fold reveals.

Allegedly, Samsung is uncomfortable with the performance of the latest Exynos processors released, and is working to change this situation. The company is currently working on a new processor called Exynos 992 . It is among the rumors that the company will confront the consumers with the Exynos 1000 after this processor and AMD's mobile GPUs will be used in these processors.

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