5G Decision Delights Huawei From The European Union

The new directive issued by the European Union for the member states delighted the Chinese technology giant Huawei. The directive did not include instructions to block Huawei due to 5G technology. This decision of the EU may anger the USA.

The European Union (EU) in new guidelines issued by member countries for a Chinese giant Huawei to ban recommendation was not . Thierry Breton, the EU's Commissioner for Digital Economy, stressed that the new standards are "strict and prudent".

Breton said they did not explicitly exclude any company in the new measures proposed for member states. With this decision, Huawei, which is under the great pressure of the USA, is thought to relax in relations with the EU . Huawei, which plays an important role in providing 5G services to users in Europe, has been criticized that it may cause security problems .

USA threatens EU countries

US officials weaved in Europe last year and asked EU member states to remove Huawei from their networks . Washington sees Huawei as a threat to its national security, but Huawei and the People's Republic of China reject these claims . EU member states for troops from the United States or the country in order to avoid retaliation from China's approach 5G coordinated it is trying to help.

Last month, EU countries agreed to work with trusted parties for national security critical infrastructures and consider the laws of the country in which they purchased the product. However, the EU has limits on telling member states exactly what to do. Banning companies due to national security threats is a matter of countries' decision, and many countries in Europe have already signed 5G agreements with Huawei .

The EU is caught between the two big giants, the USA and China. The majority of EU countries do not like the anger of the People's Republic of China, a major trading partner . On the other hand, the USA, the most important ally of the EU, says it can re- evaluate intelligence sharing with countries using Huawei in 5G networks .

Merkel under pressure in Germany

Chinese Ambassador to Germany Wu Ken said in a statement last December that Germany's ban on Huawei would have " consequences " and highlighted the sales of the German automotive industry in the Chinese market. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been criticized by coalition partners for opposing Huawei banning .

In the UK, the government is trying to understand measures against Huawei. Nicky Morgan, Britain's Minister of Culture, who left the EU, announced that they would keep Huawei away from critical national infrastructure

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