7 New Features to Come to Windows 10 with Version 2004

New release of Windows 10, Version 2004, will come with many new features. The first major update of the year will bring new functionality to the operating system and implement some improvements.

Microsoft is preparing to offer the first major update of the year for Windows 10. The software giant will launch Windows 10 Version 2004 , also known as Windows 10 20H1, with new features and functional innovations.

Windows 10 Version 2004 will come with new features such as new search features, new task manager functions, as well as improvements to voice assistant Cortana .

1. Redesigned Cortana

With Windows 10 Version 2004, Microsoft is expected to make Cortana a standalone application. Thus, developers will be able to receive Cortana updates through the Microsoft Store instead of waiting for major Windows 10 updates.

The major change with Cortana makes it possible to resize the assistant screen and place it where you want it. Users will be able to move Cortana anywhere they want by dragging it, just like in other apps, or display it in full screen.

The redesigned Cortana interface will make the voice search approach much easier. In addition, Cortana will provide spoken answers for voice queries, while the results will be silent for text queries.

2. What's new in search

Microsoft offers four fast web search options, including Weather, Top Stories, Today in History, and New Movies, to simplify the search experience. This feature was also released on older versions of Windows 10 through the server, so you can start using it immediately.

3. Search by screenshots

A new option is added next to the speed dial buttons. The new "Screen Search" feature, recently added to the Windows 10 Insider structure , will be available to all users with Windows 10 2004. This feature is used to take visually similar images using a screenshot.

By clicking the image search button above,  you can select a specific part of the screenshot to refine the search results . The results look pretty accurate and the new feature will be useful for many people to quickly search for images.

4. Task Manager enhancements

Microsoft developed the task manager in two ways. First, the GPU temperature  is now located right next to the list in the Performance section . GPU temperature is shown only if you have an external graphics card.

In addition, the task manager shows disk space and type. For example, in the above image, Disk 0 and 1 are shown as SSD and Disk 2 are shown as HDD. This section will be informative for people interested in the distribution of the driver's area.

5. Improvements to Bluetooth pairing

In September, Microsoft started testing the Swift Pair feature to pair Bluetooth devices from notifications in its Insider version . This way, you no longer have to bother to open the settings app to pair new Bluetooth devices.

However, the feature is currently limited to Surface accessories. These include devices such as Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, Surface Precision Mouse, Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse, Surface Mobile Mouse, Microsoft Arc Mouse, Surface Arc Mouse and Surface headphones.

6. Reset the computer from the cloud

Windows will get the "Cloud Download" feature, which downloads the latest version of Windows 10 from the cloud, in case you encounter problems on your computer or want to get a fresh start on your PC .

The cloud reset feature will reinstall the same version of Windows 10 on your device instead of installing the latest version of Windows.

7. Login Without Password

The ability to require Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts can be called the trivial in the list. Windows will now allow you to disable your Microsoft account password as the option to sign in on your device. However, it can be said that it is an important development in terms of privacy.

In addition, Microsoft  will bring many features in the old Control Panel to the Settings app with Windows 10 Version 2004 . For example, to adjust the cursor speed, you no longer need to go deep into the Mouse settings of Control Panel . This option has been added to the Mouse section of the Devices page of the Settings app.

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