A Claim Revealed for 10-Core Intel Comet Lake Processors Launch Date

While it was still unclear when Intel Comet Lake was introduced, it was claimed that the new 10-core processor would be announced at the end of April. It is still unclear when the processor will be released.

Judging by the recent rumors, Intelwill be announcing Comet Lake processors

very soon. Intel's long-awaited 10th generation desktop processors will be introduced on April 30, 2020, according to news by El Chapuzas Informatico. However, we may have to wait until May to hear more about the performance of the processors. More time will be required to purchase the processor.

The official announcement date of Intel Comet Lake has not been finalized yet;so for now we have to make do with the rumors at hand.However, we do not expect Intel to postpone its announcement even more.The potential announcement in late April seems to be compatible with the release of the 400 Series motherboard when it comes with reviews and availability in May. 

10 cores, 20 threads:

The only thing we officially know so far is that Intel Comet Lake will come with 

10 cores and 20 threads. Intel's 10th generation Comet Lake processors will appear as 'U' and 'Y' series for laptops and 2-in-1 tablets. Itwas announced that the Comet Lake series has 8 different processor models. 

Comet Lake processors are built on 14 nm architecture and have Gen 9.5 graphics system as well as Skylake architecture developed years ago.New processors are expected to have 'Hyper Threading' technology. For example, the Core i3 10100 issaid to be a competitor to SkylakeCore i7s as a quad core / eight thread processor. 

According to information provided by the TUM_APISAK users on Twitter Core i9 10900, a very small margin Geekbench single-core test of the Core i9 9900ks'n the front, while the multi-core test 9th generation of chip 9458'ine against 11 390 was able to take.

However, it is possible to say that the debut of Intel Comet Lake is marred by speculation that the Intel Rocket Lake platform will be released. After the new Comet Lake processors,10 nm mobile parts such as Willow Cove will also be prepared for the stage.

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