A Mysterious Object Falling by Burning From the Sky in England

A gigantic object that slowly fell from the sky in England was detected. No explanation was made as to what the mysterious object observed was.

A huge object fell from the sky in Cambridge, England, was seen. The mysterious object, which no one understands, was detected by Gerry Underwood, who lives in the Cambridgeshire county on Wednesday, April 15.

Gerry Underwood stated that he had discovered and fell very slowly after observing a few stars that fell from the sky and fell on the object . Gerry said that he watched the unidentified object for 10-20 minutes before disappearing behind the trees.

What the mysterious object falling from the sky is still unknown

55-year-old Gerry moments she saw the body, "Initially it looked like a very thick shape of the traces left behind the aircraft. In short, it looked like a large cloud. He did not move fast. One is not meteorite am sure, it would disappear within seconds if they had. We saw hundreds of shooting stars, but it wasn't like that. " spoke in words.

Gery stated that the mysterious object fell very slowly, began to shine orange as seen in the pictures, and flames emerged behind it. He also said that although the object was on the horizon, it was very large and did not see its landing due to trees. Although the object fell two days ago, no explanation has been given yet about what happened.

Last night, the big Lyrid meteor shower began, which can be observed in the skies of England up to 100 stars per hour . Meteor rain is expected to last until April 26 and will reach the peak on the evening of April 21. Experts say an average of 10 to 20 meteors per hour can be seen in the sky during the meteor shower .

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