A New Screenshot Appeared About WhatsApp's Multiple Device Support

WhatsApp has updated the Android beta version of the app. Update 2.20.152 available on the Google Play Store reveals a new detail regarding the upcoming multi-device support feature.

WhatsApp , the most popular instant messaging application in the world , has become an application used by almost every smartphone owner. Of course, this high popularity has increased the expectations of the application, and developers who are aware of this situation are constantly working to keep WhatsApp up to date. The new features prepared by the developer team for WhatsApp are tested through beta channels and then offered to all users.

The WhatsApp developer team has now released a new update to the app as part of the beta program they launched through the Google Play Store . While this update upgraded the beta version of WhatsApp to " 2.20.152 ", it showed that important innovations are coming to the application. Let's take a closer look at what's new in WhatsApp's new Android beta.

WhatsApp continues to work on multi-device support

The new Android beta version of WhatsApp with code 2.20.152 reveals that the developer team is working on multi-device support that has been spoken for a long time. As part of this feature, users will be able to use a WhatsApp account on multiple devices. It is not known when this feature, which is expected with great enthusiasm by many consumers, will be available, but the coming days show that new details about this feature will emerge.

The new Android beta version of WhatsApp also reveals a new detail in multi-device support . The developers, who recommended Wi-Fi connection to use this feature in the previous beta version, have now created a page called " Connected Devices ". It seems that users will see this screen first whenever they want to use the multi-device feature.

The page that WhatsApp has created for multi-device support looks like this

With WhatsApp Web, you can also use a WhatsApp account open in your mobile application on a computer or a different device. However, WhatsApp Web ensures that the account is used depending on the phone and that messages are sent and received over the phone. Multiple device support will allow you to control WhatsApp on different devices even if your phone is switched off.

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