A paid feature comes to print photos from Google

Technology giant Google is trying a new service in Google Photos, a photo-oriented storage and editing application. 10 of the photos uploaded to Google Photos are automatically selected each month, and will be printed by Google for $ 7.99.

Google continues to improve its applications and services continuously. A new piece of news published by 9to5Google shows a new feature that the tech giant has tried. According to 9to5Google, Google is trying a new paid service on  Google Photos . 

With the new service tried on Google Photos, 10 of the users' photos uploaded on Google Photos  will be selected by the algorithm of Photos . 10 photos to be selected by the algorithm will be printed by Google and sent to the user. 

The interesting part of this service developed for Google Photos is that the photos to be printed will be selected by the algorithm . The algorithm will select the photos the user will like instead of the user. In the new service of Photos, 9to5Google says that users will show what the algorithm should choose by choosing options such as "people and pets", "landscapes" and "a little bit of everything". Users will be able to change their chosen category later if they want. 

This service, developed by Google for Photos, will be available for $ 7.99 a month. Google is currently only testing this service of Google Photos in the USA . Users who click on an advertisement in Google Photos can become a member of the service upon their request. 

The new service of Google Photos, which continues to be tried in the USA, has already received a response. Some users criticize that the $ 0.79 per photo fee is almost three times the common photo printing fee in the U.S., $ 0.25 . 

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