A Twitch Publisher Completes Blitz Play Quest for 32 Hours in GTA V

A Twitch publisher, DarkViperAU, completed Blitz Play, one of the most challenging missions in GTA V for 32 hours without killing anyone. The publisher, after a total of 32 hours, had emotional moments.

When GTA V is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is probably endless car chases, crazy moments, lots of weapons and chaos. Therefore, in the game without pulling the trigger once to complete one of the most difficult tasks of the game may seem quite difficult or even a little crazy.

DarkViperAU , a Twitch broadcaster, started the game with a very frantic challenge, and after 32 exhausting hours, he achieved his goal without killing a single person . In his last mission, he realized that the place had become a battlefield but the broadcaster did not fire a single bullet.

DarkViperAU has completed the Blitz Play quest without killing anyone for 32 hours

During these moments, the publisher was trying to complete the Blitz Play mission, where you had to rob a security truck . Normally the task is quite simple; Michael pulls the garbage truck to the road to stop the car, while Franklin blows the doors and takes the money. Of course, so much action activates law enforcement and the weapons start to explode.

During the broadcast, DarkViperAU said it took 33 hours to complete the task, and later announced on Twitter that it was 32 hours .  Twitch publisher, who did not kill a single person by doing what is known as the ' pacifist run' in GTA V's story mode , had emotional moments after these tough times. You can access these emotional moments and the moments of completion of the Twitch publisher from the video in this link .

You may not notice how the hours have passed while playing the GTA V, but we can say that these 32 hours have passed quite a long time without firing a single bullet . Of course, the broadcaster didn't kill anyone for 32 hours, but the artificial intelligence-controlled characters didn't stop turning the field into battle. This was the biggest factor for DarkViperAU to complete the mission.

So, what do you think about this broadcaster completing a quest in GTA V's story mode without killing a single person for 32 hours? Or have you ever fought in GTA V like this or similar? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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