Accident at Daytona 500 Reveals the Incredible Response Speed ​​of the NASCAR Team

Ryan Newman was severely injured and hospitalized in an accident at the NASCAR Daytona 500 race in Florida, USA. The speed of the NASCAR team's response to the accident at the time of the accident received applause from all over the world.

Motor sports accidents can have serious consequences due to the high speed of vehicles moving. Some of these results are seen in vehicles, while others unfortunately also affect drivers. This was the case in the accident at NASCAR Daytona 500 recently,  and the driver of the crashed vehicle,  Ryan Newman, was  seriously injured.

As soon as he reached the maximum speed he could reach, the racing car, which first hit the wall and then rolled over in the air, turned into scraps at the time of the accident . It was a miracle that the driver of the vehicle, Ryan Newman, survived the accident . NASCAR team's response to the incident was also very effective in rescuing Newman live.

The fire fighting vehicle reached the scene exactly 19 seconds after the accident:

The firefighters, who immediately intervened in the accident, put out the fire in a short time and contributed to the removal of the 42-year-old driver as soon as possible. The arrival time of the medical team that reached the accident site was 33 seconds . In this process, which was competing with time, Ryan Newman was hospitalized after 15 minutes in total .

Newman was discharged after treatment at the hospital and shared a photo taken on the way out of the hospital from his Twitter account. The intervention in Newman, who survived the accident, which was very uneasy for his fans as well as the NASCAR family, once again showed how important speed is.

Let's add that during the next races, Ross Chastain will use Newman's vehicle for a while  . We will see together whether or not Newman will make a statement about the accident in the coming days.


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