According to Elon Musk, the Starlink Project is not a Threat to Telecommunications Companies

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, the US-based space transportation company, spoke about the Starlink project that the company launched with great hopes.

SpaceX's broadband range of Starlink satellites is said to have low latency to start a new era in competitive online games and is too fast to have to think about internet speed. However, Elon Musk states that Starlink will not pose a major threat to telecommunications companies because it will not be good enough in high-populated areas.

Speaking at the Satellite 2020 conference, Musk said: “It will be a very good experience because there will be very low latency. We aim to keep the delay below 20 milliseconds so that someone can play a responsive video game at a competitive level . He also said that the available bandwidth would be sufficient to support at least typical internet use in rural areas .

'Starlink will help telecommunications companies'

Stating that 5G is more suitable for big cities, Musk said that Starlink is not as big a threat to telecommunication companies as he thought . Underlining that Starlink would be useful even for these companies , Musk also stated that at this point, Starlink will serve 3% or 4% customer segments that are not currently connected or whose connection quality is really bad .

Frankly , it is unlikely that Musk will deliberately give up income from big cities . At this point, the CEO may want to keep public expectations low until Starlink reaches enough capacity to serve effectively in large cities . There were statements that SpaceX was planning global coverage , including service to all the United States that had been done before .

Mentioning the complaints that SpaceX satellites interfere with astronomical observations , Musk said, “I am sure that we will not cause any effect in astronomical discoveries. Zero. This is my guess. If it is above zero, we will take corrective action . The company CEO also added that they are working with astronomers to minimize the reflection potential of SpaceX satellites .

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