According to the report, the release of iPhone SE 2 will be delayed due to the Corona Virus

Corona virus also affects the technology world badly. It turned out that Apple is having a hard time supplying components in these days when production has come to a halt in China. For this reason, the company may postpone the launch date of the iPhone SE 2, which it plans to release for sale this month.

Apple is now preparing to release a more affordable device than other smartphones. The new device, which is planned to be released under the name iPhone SE 2, was planned to be introduced soon, but according to the latest report released, the phone may be delayed a bit. The corona virus (Kovid-19), which affects China and the whole world, seems to affect Apple's affordable phone.

According to the report, there were some delays in the component production of the iPhone SE 2. The phone's release, which is expected to be introduced sooner under normal circumstances, seems to jump into the second quarter of 2020. It is thought that the reason for the delay of iPhone SE 2 is that companies such as Foxconn and Pegatron, which manufacture for Apple in China, cannot work at full performance.

This Month Will Be Introduced

The phone, which is expected to be released on March 31, according to the regular calendar, may delay its output to the second quarter of 2020, depending on the situation of the Kovid-19 outbreak. The reports are not certain for the time being, but this seems to be delayed, given that companies are constantly allowing their employees due to the virus.

iPhone SE 2 Specifications

As a long-awaited phone from Apple, iPhone SE 2 stands out with its affordable price and smaller screen. According to the information revealed, the iPhone SE 2 will have a 4.7-inch LCD screen. With the A13 chipset, Apple's newest chip, the next phone is expected to host 3 GB of RAM. It is also thought that the phone will have Touch ID.