According to the resulting image, LiDAR sensor will be found on iPhone 12 Pro

A new image has been shared that the LiDAR sensor, which we have heard frequently in the past week and which helps the device to perceive the space it is in, will be used in the Apple's new smartphone iPhone 12 Pro.

Silicon Valley giant Apple launches its new smartphone series towards the autumn of every year. The technologies introduced at this launch , which is followed globally , shape the course of the mobile market for the rest of the year for other smartphone companies .

While Apple's smartphone series has more months to introduce the iPhone 12 Pro, details about the device are gradually gaining daylight. A Twitter user named Fudge, known for his iPhone leaks, has released an image that reveals the camera module of the iPhone 12 Pro .

iPhone 12 Pro comes with LiDAR sensor

As it appears in the resulting image, the iPhone 12 Pro contains 3 cameras and flash in the camera module. In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro camera module, which also has room for the microphone hole , draws attention to the dark area at the bottom right .

It can be easily understood that the gray round part on the camera module of the device is the LiDAR sensor used in the new iPad Pro model . With the LiDAR sensor, the iPhone 12 Pro will now be able to run augmented reality (AR) technology much more stable .

What is LiDAR technology?

With LiDAR , the technology of laser light illumination and the measurement of reflected light, the depth perception of the place is transferred to the device. The device, which can perform calculations with high accuracy , offers a more successful augmented reality experience to its user.

The LiDAR sensor, which has considerably increased the performance of augmented reality applications , is expected to be positioned on most mobile devices that will be released in the coming days .

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