Alternative for File Transfer Between macOS Android: OpenMTP

Almost everyone knows that transferring files between Android and Windows is quite simple. For Mac owners, it is not very easy to say, but if we say that this subject, which is thought to be very complex, is actually quite easy, we will never exaggerate. We are sure that you will read our article about this simple solution that will help you a lot.

First of all, let's say that unlike Windows, the Mac operating system does not allow you to access the file system of your Android phone that you connected via USB. Google's own Android File Transfer Tool allows you to browse your Android device's files and transfer them to your computer , but it has to be said that it is very limited in functionality . For example, it is not very possible to transfer files larger than 4 GB with this tool.

This tool we are talking about also lacks basic features such as search bar, ability to rename files and folders, and is often disconnected in the middle of the transfer. There are tons of other third-party services such as CommanderOne, Handshaker, Pushbullet programs, but most free versions offer very limited functionality or you are expected to pay a separate fee to use certain useful features. Here, OpenMTP , the main subject of our article, comes into play.

One of the best options for OpenMTP file transfer

OpenMTP lets you find a hassle-free way to transfer files between your Mac computer and Android phone. OpenMTP, which allows you to transfer files over USB without using Wi-Fi or other third-party software, looks like a cut out for high speed data transfer. In OpenMTP, where you can send more than one file at a time, there is also no file size limit as in the Android File Transfer tool.

Main features of OpenMTP

  • Provides high data transfer speed as it is connected by USB cable

  • You can transfer multiple files larger than 4 GB at a time

  • You can choose between Internal Memory and SD Card

  • Just drag and drop your files

  • You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate your files

Finally, let's add the information that OpenMTP, which we consider to be one of the most important points, is free, open source and works on all Mac devices running macOS v10.10 or higher. So which programs do you use to transfer your files? You can tell us your comments and comments on the subject.

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