AMD and NVIDIA Ordered to Fill TSMC's Full Capacity

AMD and NVIDIA, two giants in the world of technology, ordered the chip makers TSMC to order their next-generation chips. The two companies filled the full capacity of TSMC and opened with coronavirus.

AMD and NVIDIA have found an excellent opportunity for investment at this time when the coronavirus adversely affected the entire business world . Both companies ordered new chips for TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) , where they produced their own chips .

According to the report of Taiwan's most reliable sources Digitimes, NVIDIA and AMD have placed orders in TSMC that will not leave a gap in production capacity . According to the news, TSMC will also be positively affected by this order. The company is expected to have a solid revenue growth in the first half of 2020, due to sudden orders from AMD and NVIDIA .

AMD and NVIDIA are making all preparations:

NVIDIA has not produced a flagship chip since September 2018. Of course, there is a very strong and right guess in this regard. According to this estimate, NVIDIA actually expected TSMC's 7 nm architecture to be ready for high performance graphics cards. Finally, NVIDIA, which makes sudden orders, is expected to achieve a great output with the new generation architecture .

Since neither NVIDIA nor AMD had a factory to produce their own chips, they were actually adjusting their production to the free capacity available in TSMC, but this capacity was previously used by Apple , the biggest customer of TSMC . With the advent of the coronavirus, Apple reduced its production at TSMC and consequently made room for other companies.

It is also said that the capacity opened at TSMC is not opened only for this reason. According to Digitimes, Apple will switch to 5 nm architecture in the second half of 2020 ; In this way, AMD and NVIDIA will have more space. As a result, AMD would be the biggest 7 nm customer of TSMC .

Today, AMD's top 7 nm architecture customers include HiSilicon and Qualcomm , but AMD aims to outdo both names in the second half with the momentum it gains. Whatever the result, we can say that AMD and NVIDIA have taken a very important step today to be ready when it comes.

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