AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3980X Is Claimed To Be Processor

The 48-core Ryzen Threadripper 3980X, which is expected to be one of the new processors of AMD, which has been rapidly developing in the processor market recently, appeared in a leak.

One of the most active markets of recent years is the processor market , as you know . Intel, the sole ruler of the market for a long time, has been experiencing troubled days due to AMD's price performance products. Competition also helps consumers.

Threadripper series is among AMD's next generation processors . Other processors in this series include Threadripper 3990X, Threadripper 3970X and Threadripper 3960X. These models use the Zen 2 processor architecture.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3980X may have appeared:

A new member is expected to join AMD's processors made with 7 nm FinFET technology soon. Threadripper 3980X will be the new brother of these processors, whose prices range from $ 3,990 to $ 1,399 .

Twitter user @ NPCdes0 featured a screenshot of the new processor in his post on Twitter. While the name of the processor appeared as the Threadripper 3980X , the image also contained information about the specifications.

Accordingly, the processor has 48 cores and 96 threads . It is also noticeable that the processor's basic speed is 2.8 GHz. Although this information sounds logical, it is wondering whether these are real features.

Images may not be real:

The chances are that the images are not real . When we first look at the features section in this image, we see the expression of the 64-core Threadripper 3990X . The data in this section also comes from real hardware, that is, not from the processor's own table.

Editing such images is not difficult at all. It is quite easy to change a few lines in programs that allow visual manipulation like Photoshop . So even if the values ​​here are correct, it is likely that the image is baseless.

What are your thoughts on AMD's next generation processors? Recently, AMD Are you pleased with the strides made? If you were to choose a processor, which one would you choose? We are waiting your comments.

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