An artificial intelligence that controls social distance has been developed (Corona Virus)

Landing AI artificial intelligence company has developed an artificial intelligence that controls the social distance from the measures required to protect from coronavirus. Thanks to the developed artificial intelligence, it is possible to protect the social distance of the employees in the workplaces.

According to the data of the World Health Organization, the number of coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 2.4 million. As the epidemic continues to spread every passing day, scientists continue to work to find the vaccine and its treatment.

Some basic measures need to be taken to protect the virus, which still has no definitive cure. Social distance is the main measure that people who cannot stay at their homes for compulsory reasons such as work can take to protect against the virus . However, people cannot always obey social distance rules. Artificial intelligence companies started developing tools to detect social distance between people.

This is how artificial intelligence that controls social distance works

Artificial intelligence company Landing AI has developed an artificial intelligence tool that detects the social distance between people using cameras . The artificial intelligence tool published by the company detects whether people are at a safe distance from each other in real-time videos obtained from cameras.

In the artificial intelligence system that controls social distance, artificial intelligence makes use of camera data . Artificial intelligence perceives people and draws rectangular frames around people. If the rectangular frames formed around people are colored green, it means that the social distance is respected. Those who do not comply with the social distance are included in the red box.

Social distance in workplaces can be controlled with artificial intelligence

Landing AI says that the artificial intelligence can be used in workplaces to fit people to social distance. Thanks to the developed artificial intelligence, managers can check whether the employees comply with the social distance rules.

Shopping giant Amazon uses a similar artificial intelligence application to control the social distances of employees in its warehouses that are still working. Warehouse workers who are very close to each other are warned with Amazon's artificial intelligence application.

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