An Update to Two Important Vulnerabilities Has Come to Firefox

Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, the browser that cares about privacy, has closed two important vulnerabilities with the latest update. The company said that all users should install the update.

The Firefox internet browser, first launched in 2002 and developed by Mozilla , has been actively used ever since. The browser has started to be used by more people today, especially since it cares about the privacy of its users.

The Mozilla team is also continuing their efforts to make Firefox a better browser. The company managed to close two very important vulnerabilities with the update it released today . It is very important that you install the update published by Mozilla right now.

Each user should install the update:

Firefox's developer, Mozilla, included two vulnerabilities classified as ' important ' in the release notes of the update released today . Both vulnerabilities are of the ' use-after-free ' type. That is, any malicious person can run any code they want in the browser of the victim's system.

In a statement made by Firefox, it was stated that these attacks, which exploited two vulnerabilities in Firefox, were constantly observed. So the company has told its users that they should download this update immediately . The CVE numbers of the two vulnerabilities have been disclosed as 2020-6819 and 2020-6820 .

These vulnerabilities found in Firefox were first reported to the company by Francisco Alonso of revskills and Javier Marcos of JMPSec. Although not many details have been shared about the vulnerabilities currently discovered, it is important to download the update immediately by listening to the company's suggestion .

With the new update to Mozilla Firefox, no innovations have been added to the browser . The Mozilla team provided two security vulnerabilities that were extremely important to users only with the new update. A new update has not been released for Android and iOS platforms.

You can automatically download the Firefox 74.0.1 update published by Mozilla through your browser . You can access the release notes published by Mozilla here , as well as download the Firefox browser from this link and install it on your computer.


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