Android Studio 4.0 Released

The expected new version of Android Studio, the Android applications development environment, has been released. Design tools, one of the new features of Android Studio 4.0, seem to make the work of Android app developers pretty easy.

Google I / O, where Google introduces its new products every year, is among the activities that should be canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic. After the postponement of Google I / O, scheduled for mid-May, Google began publishing new products, regardless of the conference.

New versions of Android Studio, a platform where Android applications are developed, were among the products expected to be available on Google I / O. After the cancellation of Google I / O, the new version of Android Studio Android Studio 4.0 was released today, regardless of the event.

Android Studio 4.0 focuses on making developers' job easier

Google announced Android Studio 4.0 with a blog post and video. In the latest version of Google Studio released in Google I / O, held last year, Google focused on stability and performance improvements. Google announced that the new version of Android Studio 4.0 brought major changes to the old one.

Among the new features brought by Android Studio 4.0, the features that will excite the developers most will be the new design tools. Android Studio 4.0 introduced Motion Editor, the new design tool to be used in the development of applications' interfaces.

Motion Editor offers 'drag and drops' tools instead of manually editing XML files. Motion Editor's simple click and drag options also allow the use of MationLayout animations.

Layout Inspector and Layout Validation, one of the new features that come with Android Studio 4.0, make the app's design visible in 3D and multi-screen sizes. Viewing the screens in a preview will make it easier for developers to work with the interface.

Google has also developed smart editing features for code completion, error checking, and code reduction rules in Android Studio 4.0. Giving importance to the performance side during the development of Android Studio 4.0, Google made Android Studio's user interface more intuitive.

Video about new features coming with Android Studio 4.0:


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