AnTuTu Applications Removed from Google Play Store

AnTuTu Benchmark, one of the most popular platforms where smartphones' hardware features are compared and ranked according to the scores given, has been removed from the Google Play Store. A clear explanation about the subject has not yet come.

AnTuTu is known as one of the most popular benchmarking apps for Android. The China-based app, which offers smart devices owners such as phones and tablets an easy way to compare their performance , is widely used worldwide.

According to the situation noticed in the evening today, all three AnTuTu apps have been removed from the Play Store. According to the first user comments, AnTuTu apps were removed from the Google Play Store , possibly  as part of the pressures in Cheetah Mobile's work.

The three affected applications are AnTuTu 3DBench , AnTuTu Benchmark  and  AITuTu Benchmark  . According to AppBrain, the latest update for artificial intelligence benchmarking was on February 13, and the regular implementation was updated on February 7. While it is known for sure that the AnTuTu application is available on Google Play Store until February 22, it is not yet clear when exactly the removals are done.

What is AnTuTu and how is it used?

AnTuTu, which is known as an application that compares various features among Android devices and helps to reveal performance rankings with the scores it gives, has been used by a wide range of people since its release. Comparing the basic hardware and software performances of smart devices such as processor , RAM , UX , the application takes the lead in the world in its field.

The popular application attracts attention with its very simple usage. The thing to do is to run the test after downloading the application from the application store and it is an important factor for many people to choose AnTuTu.

For now, there is no definitive information about why the app was removed from the store, but it is said to be due to a situation between Google and app developer Cheetah Mobile. It is also said that the uninstall took place because AnTuTu replaces some of the Google  Play Store download links on its website  with APK links. We will update our news for you in any information from the company.

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