Apple buys Voysis to make Siri smarter

Apple, Cupertino-based technology giant, bought Voysis to make Siri, the voice assistant in iOS operating systems, smarter. Voysis, headquartered in Dublin, is known for its work on artificial intelligence-driven technologies.

Apple , one of the most important technology companies today , has recently started to give more importance to artificial intelligence technologies. In this context, the company will incorporate Dublin-based Voysis to improve Siri's ability to understand a person's natural language . Voysis is known for developing artificial intelligence software to help computer systems detect the spoken language .

According to the information in Bloomberg's news, many e-commerce companies have used technologies developed by Voysis to offer more advanced product search results in their applications . Underlining that the technology developed by Voysis can understand the phrases , Bloomberg cited expressions such as " I need a new LED TV" and "My budget is $ 1,000" .

Apple had previously bought artificial intelligence initiatives:

Compared with other existing voice assistant Siri , often three arrows is known for offering less. At this point, Alexa, under Amazon, integrates with many platforms , while Google Assistant takes advantage of the company's strong infographic .

Apple, which has been working to avoid falling back in its race with its competitors, has also bought initiatives such as Turi , Laserlike and , each targeting artificial intelligence through special technologies in recent years . On the other hand, the company based in Cupertino did not mention the details of the agreement with Voysis . So it is not known exactly what Voysis will work on, but it is not difficult to guess.

As you know, Apple has announced that it has canceled the WWDC 2020 conference due to coronavirus and that the event will be held online. Perhaps the development of Siri and what awaits users in the future can be detailed in this conference. If there is any improvement in this matter, we will continue to inform you. You can follow us to be informed about the developments.

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