Apple Cancels Annual WWDC Activity Due to Corona Virus

US-based technology giant Apple has announced that it annually cancels its annual WWDC event due to the Corona virus threat. The company stated that instead they will organize an online event and share their details in the coming weeks.

The Corona virus , which has been seen in all regions of the world in just three months and has inflicted hundreds of thousands of people and lost thousands of lives , continues to adversely affect many sectors. In the technology sector , the cancellation news of many events, especially the Mobile World Congress , has come one after another.

Today, one of the most anticipated events of this year has been canceled. United States-based technology giant Apple announced that it annulled the WWDC event , which is organized every year without any hitches, as expected, due to the Corona virus threat .

Apple has announced that it has canceled the WWDC event:

Apple announced the announcement that the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event has been canceled and that Google and Facebook are canceling future conferences. The company announced the cancellation of WWDC with the following text:

Current health status; It required us to create a new WWDC 2020 format that offers a complete program with an online keynote and sessions and provides a great learning experience for our developer community around the world. We will share all the details in the coming weeks. "

Starting from Apple's statement, we can say that WWDC 2020 can be watched over the internet in a new format . The developers will have the opportunity to review Apple's new software and communicate with Apple engineers , even though WWDC has been canceled .

The online event, which will replace the canceled WWDC event, will be held in June as usual , but the company has not yet announced a specific date at this point. As said in the statement, we will get details about the online event in the coming weeks .

Apple's WWDC event is one of the biggest events the company organizes every year. The company introduces new software and features for its products such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV at the WWDC event . However, as in the previous year, it occasionally promotes some hardware.

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