Apple Card Interest-free payment method

US-based tech giant Apple will soon allow Apple Card holders to purchase iPads, Macs and AirPods in 12-month installments without any interest. Users will be able to recover 3 percent of the total amount they paid when purchasing the product according to the payment schedule.

In the news we made about two months ago, we shared with you that Apple Card, launched last year with the support of international investment bank Goldman Sachs, can offer interest-free payment plans for non-iPhone devices. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in this statement that they are working to take advantage of Apple Card in the purchase of other products, and customers may see something soon.

According to the information provided by Bloomberg, Cupertinolu company is preparing to implement this plan very soon. In December 2019, Apple launched a plan that allows customers to purchase the iPhone with Apple Card in 24 months installments. Within the scope of the plan, users did not pay any interest and recovered 3 percent of the total amount they paid in cash.

Apple Card users who can buy interest-free iPhones for 24 months in installments can now have installments for other products such as Mac, iPad and AirPods.

The news says Apple will offer a 12-month interest-free payment plan for Macs, iPads, monitors, iPad keyboards and other products such as Apple Pencil. In addition, a 6-month payment plan with a zero interest rate is on the agenda for popular products such as Apple TV, HomePod and AirPods. Customers can check their installments and earned points as usual from the Wallet app on iPhones.

With the support of Goldman Sachs, Apple aims to further expand the usage area of ​​Apple Card and will make a significant contribution to people's purchasing power with the new interest-free installment plan. The company previously launched the Apple Card Assistance Program, which allows Apple Card customers who are economically affected by the coronavirus outbreak to bypass their March and April payments.

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