Apple Receives A Patent To Convert MacBooks To Wireless Charger

A patent has emerged that shows that Apple is still working on wireless reverse charging support. The patent shows that Macbooks have turned into wireless charging stations for devices such as iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple does not seem to give up the idea of ​​bringing reverse wireless charging support to its devices . The idea of ​​having MacBooks send power to iPhone phones without the hassle of cables is close to reality. A new patent has emerged that turns Macbook into a wireless charger.

The latest giant of the tech giant, the iPhone 11 , was expected to come with reverse wireless charging, which allows you to charge other phones and wearable technology products that have wireless charging support, but it was not expected. However, new evidence has emerged yesterday that Apple engineers are still working on technology.

Image of the patent that will bring reverse wireless charging support to Macbooks

On December 5, 2019, Apple submitted a patent titled Inductive Charge Between Electronic Devices to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) . This patent actually consists of updating a patent registered with the same name in July 2018. Still, the patent shows that Apple is continuing its research to bring bidirectional inductive charging support to MacBook, iPad and iPhone models in the future.

The Apple patent aims to place the wireless chargers on laptops , allowing Macbook to charge devices such as iPhone and Apple Watch. On the other hand, the company's idea of ​​placing wireless chargers on their laptops, tablets and phones can remain only patents.

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