Apple Recommends Employees to Work From Home Due to Corona Virus

Apple was alleged to have begun to encourage employees at Apple Park to "work from home" because of the Corona virus panic. While there is no official statement from the company on this matter, the call is stated to be a recommendation, not a necessity.

The panic of the new deadly Corona virus (COVID-19), spreading all over the world after it emerged in Wuhan, People's Republic of China, is also spreading in the USA. Finally, it was learned that the Apple administration recommended " working from home " to employees at Apple Park in California .

Mark Gurman , Apple correspondent for Bloomberg, brought the issue to the agenda . Sharing a post from his Twitter account, Gurman wrote that Apple encouraged employees at the Apple Park campus in Silicon Valley to work from home today as an "additional measure". Later, Business Insider published a story on the subject. It is stated that the sales stores will remain open.

Apple withdrew from some events

However, it is stated that the call is only a recommendation and some teams find it difficult to work from home. While details of the option to work from home are also unclear, it is also noted that Apple has not made an official announcement to the public about working from home .

Apple announced earlier this week that it withdrew from SXSW , a major film and game event  . In this event, Apple would introduce 3 new Apple TV + original content. The fate of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled for June, is  also unclear. Considering that Facebook and Google cancel their own developer conferences, it is stated that Apple can follow a similar path.

The Santa Clara Public Health department has recently told companies that they can recommend their appropriate staff to use work from home. Apple's last move is thought to be appropriate for this call .

Apple's problems with the Corona virus are not just USA. Nowadays, when production has come to a halt in China, Apple has also found it difficult to supply components. For this reason, the company may postpone the launch date of the iPhone SE 2 , which it plans to release for sale this month .

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