Apple to Postpone March Payment of Apple Card Users

Apple launched a program to help those using Apple Card, which was released last year, to fight the Corona virus. According to this program, people using Apple Card will be able to postpone their March payments without interest if their application is positive.

Apple Card , which will celebrate the first anniversary of its introduction 10 days later , was distributed to users about 8 months ago and opened for use. Apple's credit card, with the use of titanium material, offered a very clean look with only the user's name and a chip on it.

However, although Apple's credit card will celebrate its first year, this year is not a good year to celebrate. On the other hand, Apple decided to start a new service to help people on the first anniversary of their card due to the Corona virus .

Apple Card users will be able to postpone the March payment without interest:

Apple and Goldman Sachs will ensure that Apple Card users will not make their March payments in case of a problem. Moreover, users will not face any interest if they do not pay for March . Apple has notified everyone by sending an email to users:

We know that the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation creates unique challenges for everyone and some customers may have trouble making monthly payments. Apple Card is committed to helping you live a healthier financial life. "

If you need help, please click here to connect to Apple Card support via Messages and sign up for our Customer Assistance Program, which will allow you to bypass your March payment without paying interest. "

Apple sent emails informing users as can be understood from, to skip payments in March primarily to apply to the program that Apple's launch they have . If a user does not pay for March without applying to Apple's program , he may face interest.

Corona virus prevention because many signatories, Apple finally other worldwide except Greater China all shops decided to close the bottom . However, the company also announced that it has provided financial support of $ 15 million to help fight Corona virus to date .

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