Balances are Changing: Microsoft Edge is the 2nd Most Used Internet Browser

The software company Microsoft, which has been keeping its place in the market for years, has taken the head of Chromium-based Edge. About 3 months after its release, Edge had the title of the 2nd most used internet browser on the desktop.

Internet browsers, which enable us to take small trips in the vast internet world, are among our indispensable items. It is an undeniable fact that the most used one among the internet browsers, each of which offers us different features, is the Google Chrome internet browser.

The ranking among internet browsers outside of Chrome is constantly changing. Microsoft Edge internet browser, which is generally used to download and install Google Chrome when a Windows operating device is purchased , came up with a very interesting news.

Microsoft Edge is the second most used browser on the desktop.

Investments made by Microsoft on the new Chromium-based Edge internet browser have begun to pay off. According to the study in the desktop area made by NetMarketShare, a company specializing in market statistics, the usage rate of Microsoft Edge scanner in the market in March 2020 reached 7.6%.

In the same period, Mozilla Firefox 's usage rate in the market was 7.2%, while Google Chrome took the lead with 68.5% usage rate . Even if Microsoft Edge browser Google Chrome is still quite behind it, it takes 2 places in just 3 months, indicating that Microsoft is on the right track .

Interest is growing in the new Chromium-based Edge browser, which is much faster, more stable and has plug-in support than the first version of Microsoft Edge . Microsoft Edge, which is a candidate to become a real- time internet browser , is expected to grow its market place much more rapidly in the coming days .

If you still haven't downloaded the new Microsoft Edge , you can also experience the Chromium-based Edge web browser here .

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