Bizzarrini BZ-2001, the only one of its kind, went on sale at an amazing price

Designed by the Italian automaker Bizzarrini, Bizzarrini BZ-2001 remained the only car produced with the cancellation of the project. The only one of its kind, the car is on sale and waiting for its new owner.

Former Italian automotive manufacturer Bizzarrini was involved in the design of a one-time supercar venture, and the Bizzarrini BZ-2001 , consisting of Ferrari Testarossa components, appeared. The successor to the Bizzarrini P538 remained the first and last car of the planned production run.

The car was designed by Giotto Bizzarrini , the founder of Bizzarrini and previously working in automotive giants such as Ferrari , Alfa Romeo. However, as happened to many other supercar companies, the project stopped due to lack of funding. As a result, the Testarossa based prototype BZ-2001 was the only thing left from the project.

Bizzarrini BZ-2001 is looking for new owner

The Bizzarrini BZ-2001 concept, the first and only of its kind, went on sale at Autoscout24. The car is powered by the 4.9-liter Ferrari V12 engine that produces 385 horsepower and 490 Nm of torque . The car has a five-speed manual transmission that transmits this power to the rear wheels. The car was planned to be produced in the first place, 25 units.

Bizzarrini BZ-2001 includes an aerodynamic carbon fiber body, lightweight carbon clutch and high-performance Alcon brake system. LM Classic Cars wants about 814 thousand dollars for this unique supercar .


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