Bloody Images Showing Moto G Stylus Live

Pictures of Motorola's G Stylus, which wanted to return to the phone sector by entering the smartphone market, appeared. According to the details we see in the pictures, the device will have a perforated screen design.

We can say that the 23rd day announced by Motorola and which we are excitedly waiting for is just over. We look forward to many surprises at the event, which is expected to introduce at least four new smartphones. Apparently, Motorola is preparing to make its name heard in the smartphone industry from this year onwards.

We have obtained enough information about Moto Edge + , Moto G8 and G8 Power, which will be the flagship of the company to date . But we had little detail about Motorola's Moto G Stylus, which will be in the middle segment. Today, new pictures have emerged that claim to belong to Moto G Stylus .

Pictures of Moto G Stylus appeared

The pictures allegedly belonging to Moto G Stylus were shared by Twitter user Gustavo Gonzalez . The device has a perforated screen design as expected previously. Of course, as we can see from its name, it will be released with the stylus pen.

The future Stylus pen with the Moto G Stylus looks pretty simple. There is no button on the pen. Those who review the images with all their details will notice that the image below shows the word ' Moto G (7) '. Here in that section 'Complete the configuration of the Moto G7.' There is an article in the form of.

We do not know why this article appears on the phone in the image, but there are some possibilities. The first possibility is that the person sharing the pictures is lying, and the second possibility is that the phone has software that is still under development . Of course, we will get the answer on February 23.

According to the details revealed earlier, the Moto G Stylus, with the nickname 'sofia +' , will come with a 6.36-inch FHD + screen and a 25 MP front camera. In the quad camera setup on the back of the phone, there will be a 48 MP main camera. On the processor side, Snapdragon 665 will greet us and the device will have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

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