BMW Claiming Cancellation of Hybrid Supercar Project for Economic Reasons

While automotive giants were having a hard time due to the coronavirus epidemic, BMW among these companies stopped production in some regions. It was claimed that the Munich company canceled the Vision M NEXT concept due to financial problems.

We recently announced that the German-based automaker BMW is preparing to arrive with a much stronger vehicle than the i8 . While an official name has not been decided yet, it was stated that the i8 M name was on the agenda. Recent developments show that the project has stopped.

The BMW Vision M NEXT concept was introduced last year and has shed light on models likely to be released in the future of the automotive giant. The vehicle, which has a very eye-catching design, would be combined with the power of electricity and autonomous driving technologies. There are rumors that the project, which has not experienced any development recently, has been canceled.

It is said that the new generation concept of BMW has been canceled:

As we know, the coronavirus outbreak has led to a halt in production in the automotive industry, as in many industries. Companies on the road to austerity had to suspend their activities. So much so that BMW had decided to suspend production in Europe last month. It is said that there are cost problems behind the Munich company 's decision to cancel the concept project . According to another claim, the company canceled the project much earlier.

The Vision M Next concept, which was introduced at the NEXTGen event in Munich, included a 4-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor, and the system will produce a total of 600 horsepower. It was stated that the vehicle with hybrid engine system could reach 100 km / h in 3 seconds . Pointing out the development process of the new generation model, BMW's financial department also stated that this period will be quite costly and the return of the vehicle will not cover the project expenses.

If we talk about BMW's hybrid supercar, which is claimed to have been unplugged, the vehicle, which can only go 100 km with an electric motor, will reach a maximum speed of 300 km / h. As soon as we receive an explanation as to whether the project has been canceled or not, we will continue to convey it to you.


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