BMW Introduces the Fascinating Concept i4 with its Futuristic Design

German automaker BMW introduced the concept version of the all-electric i4, which it will release in 2021. The Bavarian manufacturer said that the Concept i4, which has a futuristic look, will move some design elements to the production model.

In a post on its official Instagram account last week, BMW announced that Concept i4 will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show. However, the giant fair in Switzerland has been canceled due to the corona virus outbreak that has affected the whole world.

Announcing the highly anticipated sedan concept with a press release, the German brand gives a good idea of ​​what to expect from the all-electric i4, which will hit the road in 2021. Although BMW says that the Concept i4 will move some design elements into the production model, it is good not to raise expectations. Because when we compare Concept i4 with i4 photos shared by BMW last November, we can say with certainty that the production model will have a more conservative design.

For example, the large kidney grille of Concept i4 is very different from the production model we saw in camouflage last year. However, we expect the concept and production model to have a similar design understanding on the cockpit side.

The curved display screen we see in Concept i4 will find its place in i4 as well. The German brand says the screen can be used in three different modes called Core, Sport and Efficient, each of these modes will change the look and feel of the digital interface.

Like the upcoming iX3 and iNext, the Concept i4 has BMW's current fifth generation eDrive drivelines . The vehicle, which has a 390 kW electric motor under its hood, completes 0-100 kilometers acceleration in about four seconds and can go up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Using the European WLTP standard, BMW says the 80kWh capacity battery in the Concept i4 provides a driving range of 600 kilometers . Meanwhile, we will see all of these features in the production variant of i4.

The BMW i4 will be produced at the company's main plant in Munich, Germany. The Bavarian company announced it plans to invest around 200m euros to renovate the factory . BMW, who wants to have at least one million electric vehicles by 2021, is working on an i4 as well as an electric hatchback inspired by the 1 Series.

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