BMW's 7 Series Electric Car 'i7' Displayed for the First Time

BMW's new 7-series electric car 'i7', the test vehicle was displayed for the first time. Automotive giant is turning to electric vehicles and is preparing to offer electric models by renewing the 7 series.

German car manufacturers are now raising their targets by turning to zero-emission electric vehicles. Audi announced that it will produce the electric version of the new generation A8 sedan, while Mercedes introduced the S-Class, the EQS. On the other hand, BMW's 7 Series electric car 'i7' , the test model for the first time seen.

Since the current generation 7 Series is nearing the end of its life cycle, BMW is thought to be preparing the next new series powered by electric motors and batteries. BMW's new i7 sedan was secretly visualized and the model being the test vehicle means that there is a lot of work to be done before production starts.

The car is a test vehicle, the driver's door and the rear bumper "electrical test vehicle" is understood from the phrase. The rear of the car has an angled exhaust outlet. The partial camouflage of BMW's headlamps and taillights suggests that the automotive giant may be trying a new technology.

BMW was said to have chosen the name "i7" for the high-end 7 Series. In addition, the claims made before, the entry-level i7'nin 100 kWh battery with a range of 580 km, while the 558 horsepower thanks to the dual electric engine was supposed to produce.

On the other hand, the top version of the i7S i7 's 120 kWh battery pack with 670 horsepower said to offer. Both models use a four-wheel drive dual electric motor and are said to have a fast charging system thanks to the 800V architecture, as Porsche did with Taycan. 

It is assumed that the current generation 7 Series will probably be replaced with a new model in a few years and the electric models will be released at a later date. So the BMW i7 will not be released before 2022 at the earliest.

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