Boeing Introduces New Combat Helicopter Concept FARA

Boeing, one of the world's largest civil and military aviation companies, introduced the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) fighter helicopter concept it designed for the American army. With a higher speed and maneuverability than its counterparts, the helicopter comes with an intuitive control interface.

Boeing , which is mostly known for its commercial aircraft in civil aviation , is also one of the world's leading military aircraft and helicopter manufacturers. The Chicago-based company  introduced its new combat helicopter prototype, called Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) , developed for the American army .

The new model is expected to replace the OH-58D Kiowa Combat Helicopter , which has been in the American army inventory since the Cold War era . Apart from Boeing, prototypes of major aviation companies such as Bell, AVX Aircraft, Karem Aircraft and Sikorsky are struggling to replace OH-58D Kiowa.

Although Boeing does not publish any specification about the FARA concept, we are familiar with some features of the two-person combat helicopter . Designed entirely to meet army requirements, this helicopter uses a single six-blade main rotor.

According to Boeing, FARA has higher speed and maneuverability than existing helicopters. In addition, the combat helicopter, which has a special propeller for horizontal flight , stands out with its narrow cockpit that surrounds pilots, autonomous flight features , touch panels and intuitive control interface.

The combat helicopter, which has a built-in diagnostic system, can be easily upgraded as it is designed with an open architecture . Boeing says FARA is more than just a helicopter. Stating that they offer an affordable, innovative and fully integrated system, the American company shared their knowledge that they carried out extensive tests and analyzes on the helicopter.


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