Campaign Started at to Make Samsung's Flagship with Exynos Processors

Users in Europe and Asia, where Samsung sent an Exynos processor phone, launched a signature campaign at In the campaign launched, the company is asked to stop producing flagship with Exynos processor.

Samsung , which introduced the Galaxy S20 family in the past days , included Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 chipsets on these phones, depending on the region . Although the South Korean company has been following this strategy for many flagship phones for many years, many users in the European and Asian regions are not satisfied with this situation.

For this very reason , a campaign was launched over for the past days and Samsung was asked to stop releasing its flagship models with Exynos chipsets. In the signature campaign, Samsung was also asked to stop using its own sensors instead of the sensors produced by Sony in the camera part .

Snapdragon processors offer better performance than Samsung's Exynos processors:

Many users who complain about Samsung's Exynos chipsets claim that phones that work with Exynos have slower and worse battery life , camera sensors are worse than in the Qualcomm version, these devices are warming up faster and performing less . Many tests to date show that Snapdragon processors are more powerful than Samsung's own Exynos processors.

Located in the 865 most powerful Snapdragon chipset available at this point Cortex A77 cores, the new Exynos chipset located in 990 Cortex A76 compared to 20% up to offer more performance. The situation was not much different in Samsung flagships with Exynos from the previous generation.

There are currently 500 people signing this campaign launched at . It is clear that this number will increase further in the coming days. On the other hand, we will only be able to see if the South Korean technology giant will take these feedback from users into consideration .

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