Cannot Get News from 2 US Soldiers in Syria

He stated that 2 US soldiers who were attacked in Deyr ez Zor city of Syria could not be heard.

Cannot Get News from 2 US Soldiers in Syria

According to the news that the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) is based on local sources, 2 US soldiers disappeared in the city of Deyr ez Zor.

Local sources have stated that U.S. soldiers, who are driving through the Hummer off-road vehicle from the El Ömer oil field in the Deyr ez Zor to the El Tanak oil field, have been attacked by unknown people.

Sources stated that the vehicle was completely burned but there were no traces of soldiers and their fate was unknown.

SANA announced on April 20 that the US army patrol forces were attacked in Haseke, the car of the patrol group was destroyed and there were wounded soldiers.

On April 6, it was noted that the joint patrol of the Democratic Syrian Forces (DSG) and US soldiers were attacked by the unidentified people near the Hasakah border of the Deyr ez Zor province.

The attack stated that one US officer and two DSG members had died.


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