China Announces No Patients With Severe Condition in Coronary Zero Point Wuhan

Chinese National Health Commission Spokesperson Mi Feng announced that there is no seriously ill patient in Wuhan, the starting point of the new type of coronavirus. Only 47 coronavirus patients remained in the regional hospitals where no new cases were detected for the past 20 days.

The new type of coronavirus first appeared in a livestock market in Wuhan , China at the end of 2019 . The virus, which spread to the whole city in a short time, and then to the whole country and the world, brought life to a standstill in many countries. Wuhan, where the quarantine was removed a few weeks ago and life gradually returned to normal, almost returned to the ghost town .

It was announced that there was no patient with severe condition for the first time in Wuhan, where life began to return to its normal course . In the statement made by the Chinese National Health Commission Spokesperson Mi Feng, "According to the recent information, the last patient with severe coronavirus disease was improved in Wuhan and the number of such patients is equal to zero as of now . "

Only 47 patients remained at the center of the virus:

The province of Hubei, to which Wuhan was affiliated, was declared a low epidemiological area on April 18 . According to the information provided by the Chinese National Health Commission, only 47 coronavirus patients remained in the regional hospitals where the new case has not been detected for the past 20 days .

More than 65,000 of the 83,885 coronavirus cases detected in China since the outbreak occurred in December 2019 had come from the zero point of the virus from Hubei province. While 64,452 patients infected with the virus in the region recovered, 4,512 died. There are a total of 4,636 patients who lost their lives and 4,636 patients who regained their health across the country.

According to the current data, 57 patients with severe, 915 coronavirus patients are currently being treated throughout China . In addition, over 8,300 people who have somehow been in close contact with patients are also kept under the observation of specialists. The developments in China's coronavirus picture in the coming days are expected to provide useful information for other countries.


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