China managed to send two rockets into space last week.

SpaceX's first astronaut to space was not the only major innovation and success for aviation history last week. At similar times, China managed to launch two rockets into space.

While NASA and SpaceX were busy writing history last week, China was struggling to add another success to its aviation history. The Chinese government once again broke a record by shooting two successful rockets from the International Space Station.

The first of the two rockets, launched by China, was launched at Beijing time on May 30 at 4:13. The satellites were successfully launched into space and, according to the CCTV of Chinese state broadcasters, satellites taking off from Southwest China have successfully crossed the border.

Within 36 hours, two separate satellites were sent to space

Long March-11 rocket design chief Peng Kunya proved that Long March-11 was sent to space for the first time from Xichang Satellite Center in an interview with him, and this rocket can be easily ventilated from different regions. However, we can show that this success of Long March-11 can easily adapt to different regions.

Even 36 hours before the long March 11 was successfully launched, the Chinese government sent another satellite into space. The Long March-2D satellite was successfully launched by the Jiuquan Satellite Center at 16:53 on May 31, Beijing time. In this way, the Chinese government continued to achieve successful results in the field of aviation and space for many years, once again demonstrating the country's success in science.

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