Chinese Company ZTE Under Investigation for Bribery and Corruption Claim in USA

The head of the Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE seems to be in trouble once again with the United States government. According to a recent report from NBC News, the company is under investigation into allegations of bribery.

New claims have emerged as ZTE's probation period has previously approached international trade law violations. Let us also remind you that the company has been found guilty of violating sanctions in North Korea and Iran .

The United States Department of Justice did not comment on these new claims, but ZTE itself issued a brief statement. The statement said ,ZTE is fully committed to meeting its legal and compliance obligations The top priority of the company's leadership team is to make ZTE a trusted business partner in the global market, and the company is proud of its tremendous progress. Beyond that, it is not appropriate for ZTE to make further comments . ”

The limits of the claims are not yet fully clear:

The owner of the news, NBC News, was unable to pinpoint the boundaries surrounding these new bribery claims. However, previous information suggests that ZTE may have given the US ambassador to Kenya a $ 5,000 commission per month . This bribe is so large that it can affect the company's contractual contract for landline telephony in the country.

The company has a legal tracker as part of its criminal appeal prior to commercial violations. This audience is expected to carry out checks on the company and report on its activities. It should be noted that none of the reports in question is accessible and the viewer refuses to make any statement when contacted to get comments on the subject.

We all know that this trade war between the USA and China is not new. The products of Huawei and ZTE, two China-based companies, were previously banned by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, citing security threats. We will follow and see how the detailed scope of the new investigation will be and what consequences it will have in the coming days.