Concept Design That Increases Expectations About Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

A lot of information has emerged about Galaxy Fold 2, which is expected to be Samsung's new foldable smartphone.A concept design created by visualizing this information offers a nice design that will increase expectations about Galaxy Fold 2.

We saw the first foldable phones of the industry's big players Samsung and Huawei last year. The companies, which did not encounter the interest they expected in their first attempts, continue to work on new models.

Entering foldable phone competition with Galaxy Fold, Samsunginvited

users to the world ofnew generation foldable phones with Galaxy Z Flip .Samsung is currently working on the Galaxy Fold 2, which will be the sequel to Galaxy Fold. 

As Samsung continues to work on the development of the Galaxy Fold 2, sources close to the company have started leaking information about the foldable phone.Theconcept design of Galaxy Fold 2, which has revealed details such as the camera system of the phone, how the secondary screen will be used when the screen is folded, hasnow been created. 

The team behind the German WindowsUnited website created the rendered images of the phone based on the leaked information of the Galaxy Fold 2. The Galaxy Fold 2 concept design created by the WindowsUnited team shows how Samsung's new foldable phone can look. 

The first information about the Galaxy Fold 2 was that the

camera system of the foldable phone would be the same as the Galaxy S20 Plus.In the rendered images created by the WindowsUnited team, therefore the camera design was moved as it was from the Galaxy S20 Plus. 

Galaxy Fold usershave criticized that the secondary screen of the phone is small.

For this reason, it was claimed that the second screen of the Galaxy Fold 2 will be larger than the Galaxy Fold when the screen is folded.A larger screen design was also used in render images. 

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