Confession of September 11 Attacks That Will Shake the World From Former CIA Agent

Speaking in a documentary on September 11, one of the biggest attacks in US history, CIA's former agent Bob Grenier made important confessions. Grenier said that they had identified Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden before September 11, but that the president of the time, Bill Clinton, opposed the killing of bin Laden for civilian casualties.

On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers in the USA were attacked by Al Qaeda. In the action taken, two of the 4 planes captured by Al Qaeda militants crashed into the Twin Towers and one from the US Department of Defense Pentagon. The fourth plane was shot down in Pennsylvania countryside by the US F-16s.

A new documentary about September 11 has been released recently, after 19 years after the attack, in which 3 thousand people died . In the documentary The Longest War, important claims were made about the September 11 attack and before.

CIA's former agent: We could kill Osama bin Laden

Bob Grenie, ex-chief of the Islamabad region of the CIA, one of the names interviewed in The Longest War, made an important claim regarding September 11 . Grenie, one of the former chiefs of the CIA, said that on 20 December 1998 they received an intelligence that Osama bin Laden was in the Kandehar district of Afghanistan. Wanting to use intelligence to kill bin Laden, the CIA has proposed to prepare a bomb assembly that will explode when bin Laden leaves the county.

Saying that they consult US officials for their bomb attack, Grenie said that the attack was absolutely impossible and that they received the answer that they would receive a prison sentence if they organized the attack .

Bob Grenie, who linked the cessation of the bomb attack against Bin Laden to a law signed by the president of the time, Bill Clinton , added that Bill Clinton specifically prevented the bomb attack.

The documentary also contains an audio recording allegedly owned by Clinton.

The Longest War documentary also includes an audio recording allegedly owned by one of the former US presidents, Bill Clinton . In the voice recording, Bill Clinton says that Osama bin Laden could be caught on an opportunity. Clinton says that Bin Laden could be killed in line with incoming intelligence, but 300 women and children could die in this action.

Al-Qaida's attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was later cited as a reason for the US invasion of Afghanistan. A few weeks after September 11, the US attacked Afghanistan through military action . Since 2001, US soldiers have continued to take part in Afghanistan.

The CIA ex-Islamabad chief Bob Grenie's statements that bin Laden could be killed, but that this opportunity was missed, resulted in the attack coming back after nearly 19 years since September 11. Grenie Bob's comments about already many conspiracy theories can lead to the emergence of new conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks.


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