Corona Virus Causes 250 People to Die in 1 Day in Italy

The Corona virus balance, which shook the world with its effect, is getting more and more severe. 250 people were added to the people who lost their lives in Italy, the second most affected country, and the total number increased to 1,266. The authorities, which have quarantined almost the entire country under very intensive measures, are working at full speed to avoid further loss of life.

In Italy, one of the important countries of Europe, the balance is getting more and more severe after the first Corona virus case that appeared about 3 weeks ago. After the first eruption, today the highest number of deaths recorded in 250 a day was reached, while the total number rose to 1,266.

After several deaths in one day, Civil Defense General Manager Angelo Borrelli held a press conference in the capital city of Rome. Borrelli shared the latest situation on COVID-19 cases across the country with the press members. Information transfer in the country at present Corona virus, the number of cases currently 14 955 stated that Borrelli, who died this number and improving citizens are also involved, when they Corona virus of the total number of people infected to 17,660 reported there.

181 people recovered in 1 day:

Angelo Borrelli stated that the number of deaths increased by 250 more than the previous day and the total number increased to 1.266. The General Director of Civil Defense noted that 890 of the total number of casualties were from the Lombardy Region in the northern part of the country, the region most affected by the virus .

In addition to all these, the Regional Governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, located in the north of the country and the region most affected by the epidemic, reported that there is no increase in the number of cases today in Lodigiano, which was quarantined by declaring a red zone . Borrelli also announced that the number of healing people announced as 1.258 the day before has increased by 181 more and reached 1.439 today.

Some information was also shared about the average age of those who lost their lives. According to the information given by Silvio Brusaferro, President of the Italian Higher Health Institution, the average age of those who died was reported to be 80 years old . It was also reported in the newspaper La Republica that a 97-year-old patient who was affected by the virus, known to affect the elderly most, gained health in 7 days.

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