Corona Virus Detected in the Chief Advisor of the Iranian Religious Leader

The Corona virus test on Ali Ekber Custody, the International Relations Consultant of Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, gave a positive result. Ali Ekber Custody was taken into the home quarantine.

Corona virus , which broke out in China in December of last year and did not recognize the continent in a short time , is now infected by more than one hundred thousand people. In Iran, the third country most affected by the Corona virus, the number of cases reached 10.075 and cost 429 lives.

While the number of deaths and deaths caused by corona viruses continues to increase in Iran, finally, there is news from Iran's top authorities. According to the Reuters news agency, the result of the COVID-19 test on the Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's International Relations Advisor and former Foreign Minister Eli Ekber Custody was positive .

Eli Ekber Custody was quarantined at home:

However, the semi-official Tasnim News Agency made a sharing about the fact that Eli Ekber Custody, whose COVID-19 test was positive and the Corona virus was detected, was taken into the home quarantine . The only information about the latest situation of Eli Ekber Custody was in this direction.

The Corona virus epidemic, which continues to spread in our neighboring country, Iran, caused people to resort to different methods against the virus. In the country legally not consumed alcohol in the past days of fake drink in total consumption by 27 people, it was announced to have died.

There is no truth about the Corona virus can be prevented with alcohol. As some people in Iran continue to drink fake alcohol, experts worry about the increased number of deaths due to fake drinks .

Iranian officials, who are continuing to work to take action against the Corona virus, announced last week that they closed the entry and exit of the two states due to the virus . According to the statement, Iran closed the entry and exit of Mazenderan and Gilan provinces. The contamination Turkey for minimal ongoing epidemic in our country Iran was on the agenda also taken several measures against Iran.

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