Corona Virus Intervention from Google to Search Engine and YouTube

Because of the deadly Corona virus outbreak, IT giant Google is interfering with the search engine and YouTube to avoid spreading false information. In Corona virus searches on Google, users are directed to the relevant pages of the World Health Organization.

After arise in Wuhan, the PRC spread throughout the world and so far 4,259 people causing the death Corona virus (Covidien-19) epidemic, information and technology has caused an alarm at the giant. That's why Google interferes with the content on the search engine and YouTube .

At the time of the news of the outbreak, Google CEO  Sundar Pichai drew attention to Google's 'important role in providing accurate information' by sending an information note to employees. Pichai had written that the current period is "one of the big moments".

Warning for virus searches:

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 began, Google began to intervene in its popular services in order not to spread false information. This means deviation from the company's policy, which uses automation and software techniques to index and rate information in its 22-year history .

The ' SOS Alarm ' band appears at the top of virus-related searches in the Google search engine . The relevant search results section includes news from mainstream broadcasts such as National Public Radio (NPR), as well as publications from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization on the subject. As a comparison,  'flu season' ( flu season ) as a result of the search ''m leaving the website, ' flu ' ( influenza ) virus Corona Donald Trump in the result of the search's the connection that takes place in the tweet that ordinary flu compare.,

On YouTube, content that claims to be able to prevent the virus instead of medical help is quickly deleted . In addition, some virus-related applications have been removed from the Google Play Store , but this has caused reactions from developers. The developers argue that they only want to help with the applications.

Google CEO Pichai said they were blocking tens of thousands of ads trying to benefit from the virus, while removing YouTube ads discussing COVID-19, they also provided free advertising space to governments and nonprofits .

Despite these interventions, Google notes that they do not manually interfere with the search results , the results are detected automatically.

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