Corona Virus Spreads: First Case in Colombia Officially Announced

Corona virus, which caused the death of approximately 3,500 people, can easily spread to many countries thanks to its high contagiousness. One of the last countries where virus cases were seen was Colombia.

While the Corona virus outbreak in China affects more than 100 thousand people , the number of people and countries affected by the epidemic is increasing day by day. The virus has been seen in more than 90 countries and on the Diamon Princess ship so far.

The last place where the virus was seen was Colombia, located in South America. The Colombian Health Minister confirmed the first case of Corona virus in the country . According to the statement, the 19-year-old patient began to show symptoms after returning to Milan on his trip.

Corona virus

While the first case was officially confirmed in Colombia , 14 cases of Corona virus were observed in neighboring countries, Brazil and Ecuador, and 1 in Peru. In addition, none of these countries have had fatal cases so far.

The top ten countries with the most Corona virus cases are as follows; China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany France, Japan, Spain, USA and Switzerland. In China, the number of cases exceeded 80 thousand, while South Korea exceeded 6 thousand and Iran and Italy exceeded 4 thousand. In addition, the Diamond Princess ship, which has 696 cases, is in the 5th location where the most cases are seen.

The top ten countries with the most mortal cases are as follows; China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, USA, France, Spain, Japan, Iraq, UK. In addition, the Diamond Princess ship, where 6 fatal cases occur , is in the 8th location where most people die due to the Corona virus.

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