Coronavirus Application of the World Health Organization: WHO MyHealth

A lot of misinformation about the coronavirus, which has spread around the world and has become a pandemic, is circulating among the public. World Health Organization, which wants to prevent the spread of false information, is preparing to publish its mobile application containing informative pages.

At the end of 2019, China emerged coronavirus our world, including our country as almost anywhere with an infected cases. Authorities, on the other hand,announce flight bans and even curfews inorder to prevent the spread of the virus and protect its people.

The World Health Organization, the private body of the United Nations responsible for international public health ,plays a major role in making common decisions and overcoming health problems ina health-threatening health condition.WHO (WHO), which continues to work on coronavirus and publish declarations,aims to launcha mobile application.

The World Health Organization's new application: WHO MyHealth.

The World Health Organization MyHealth application,which divides themeasures to be taken to protect against coronavirus as "Protect Yourself" and

"Travel Recommendations",wantsto destroy the wrong information that travels among the people andraise awareness about the coronavirus with this application.

Itis stated that the information in the open source application developed bya

group of former Microsoft and Google employees is thesame as the information

on the WhatsApp line that WHO will use.In addition, it is also mentioned that warning notifications will be sent according to the location of the person in the application.

With theapplication, which is expected to be released to smartphone users world

wide on Monday, March 30, you can find out ifyou have coronavirus symptoms and learn what to do to protect yourself from the virus that has become a pandemic.

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