Daily Game news (Pupg Mobile) Mysterious Forest mode

Today we will tell about the Mysterious forest mode developed by Pupg Mobile Developers in Daily Gaming news. The long-awaited new mod by Pupg lovers has finally arrived. We would like to point out that the new mode, which is only available on the Sahnok map, is a highly anticipated mode. Mysterious forest mode, a different excitement for Pupg lovers, is full of the latest updates. Let's get to know the mysterious mode.,

When Pupg lovers choose the Sahnok map, they will enter the mysterious forest mode by chance. So let's see what changes await us in the mode. Players will use their power, strategy, and guard totems in Mysterious Forest mode. In this way, some players will have special strategies, while others will have extra power. Protection totems will contribute to players' helmets, vests and health improvements. Moreover, Mysterious Forest will offer players different innovations. One of the new features in PUBG Mobile's Mysterious Forest mode is the hot air balloon. Players who find this plane will go up to the height of the map with a hot air balloon and have a chance to see what's going on around. This will provide great advantages to PUBG Mobile players.

Another innovation in PUBG Mobile's Mysterious Forest mode is "Forest Meal". The Jungle Meal will actually add a different mood to the game. Because in this game mode, only a fruit that can be eaten will give players positive and sometimes negative abilities. For example, after eating this fruit, you will be able to feel the Air Drops or will be dizzy for a while.


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