Daily world news #2

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Covid-19 Outbreak Ends in New Zealand

It has been officially announced that all cases caught with Covid-19 in New Zealand successfully fighting the coronavirus have recovered and are not active.

During a press conference with Prime Minister Undersecretary Ashley Bloomfield, Prime Minister Ardern made a statement on the country's Covid-19 measures, the number of cases and the "level 1" measures to be implemented.

"This work is not over but we cannot deny it," Prime Minister Ardern said. this was a great success. I thank New Zealanders. "


"Level 1", which continued to remain active in the country due to Covidien-19 measures, said it was time for the Ardern download, "If you push your job to work on measures below level 1, you can do it now."

Number of Coronavirus Cases Exceed 476,000 in Russia


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