Description from Microsoft Windows 10 2004 Update

Microsoft shared the update notes for Windows 10 2004, which it released yesterday. Statements by the company admit that the latest update is full of problems. Windows 10 is almost unusable after the last update.

In a news article we shared with you yesterday, we mentioned that the first major update of Windows 10, the world's most used operating system "2004", was released in 2020. Remarks from Microsoft when this update, which brings many innovations to Windows 10, is not installed by many annoying users.

Microsoft was unable to follow Windows 10 updates, especially last year. On the one hand, updates to the user services, while fixing existing problems, on the other hand, raised larger problems. This situation, which caused users to react, is still uncorrected. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 2004 is also full of problems.

Microsoft's comments reveal that the system is unable to work with almost the latest update

Microsoft also released the update notes after releasing Windows 10 2004. Among these notes are the known issues of Windows 10 2004. When we take a closer look at these issues, we see that Windows 10 has become almost inoperable with the update.

According to Microsoft's comments, Windows 10 2004 is experiencing incompatibility issues with some of Nvidia's graphics cards. In addition, Conexant and Synaptics sound drivers Nvidia's graphics cards share the same fate. Also, some mice do not work after the last update and the Thunderbolt does not react when installing or removing the interface.

Problems aren't so limited

The problems found in the latest version of Windows 10 are not limited to this. Intel display units, for example, have been experiencing problems with refresh rates since the last update. Also, it is not possible to connect to more than one Bluetooth device with the latest update, and problems with network adapters seriously affect Windows 10's internet connection.

Microsoft took two steps to prevent users from having trouble

According to Microsoft's statements, the company took two different steps to prevent users from having problems. In the first of these steps, an algorithm determines whether there will be a problem after the update. As a second step, this update is only available to users checking manual updates for now.

Microsoft's work on Windows 10 is ongoing, and new updates to be released in the future will fix the problems of Windows 10 2004. However, it would be better for users not to do this update during this process.

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